SurePal™ FAQs

Still have questions about SurePal™? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. Your doctor or nurse will also be able to answer these and other questions you may have. 



What is the in-use lifetime of SurePal™?

SurePal™ can be used for up to two years after first use. Remember to write the date that you first used your device on in the user’s guide that came with your device. After two years of use, you need to change your old SurePal™ for a new one.

What needles can be used with SurePal™?

SurePal™ can be used with BD needles (for single use only): 29G –12.7 mm, 30G – 8 mm, 31G – 5 mm, 31G – 6 mm, 31G – 8 mm, 32G – 4 mm, 32G – 6 mm.

What if the cartridge doesn‘t fit into the pen?

This may be for the following reasons:
1. You may be trying to insert the wrong cartridge strength. For example, SurePal™ 15 can only be used with the 15 mg cartridge. Please contact your doctor if you think you might have received the wrong cartridges.
2. The cartridge hasn’t been inserted correctly. Slide the cartridge into the locking ring wide side up and small side down. While turning the cartridge gently, pull it into the locking ring until you hear a “click.”

Why is the dose memory hidden?

The dose memory is not meant to be changed often and should only be changed when your doctor prescribes a new dose. The design of the dose memory lid helps reduce the chance of you accidently changing your daily dose.

When should I start counting 10 seconds while injecting with SurePal™?

Start counting 10 seconds when the dose knob stops turning and has returned to its original position, and keep the sliding button pushed down. When you have reached 10, release the sliding button and withdraw the needle from the skin gently.


What if some solution for injection is dripping from the pen needle after the injection?

Hold SurePal™ at the injection site for about 10 seconds after the injection to make sure that you have injected all of it. Then pull your SurePal™ away from your skin. Remove the needle from the pen immediately after the injection has been completed. The dripping from the pen needle will not affect the accuracy of the dose, and it won’t affect you if the solution touches your skin by accident.

How can I reset SurePal™ if something goes wrong?

Unscrew the locking ring from the pen body (along with the cartridge if it is already attached). Then push the sliding button down. The dose window should return to 0.0.

How do I dispose of the needle and other waste from the injection?

After your growth hormone injection, attach the needle cap back onto the needle so that it is covered. If the needle hider was used, it should be removed before doing this. Unscrew the covered needle while holding the locking ring, and throw the needle and its cap into the sharps box right away.
When the sharps box is full, please dispose of it and any other injection waste as instructed by your doctor.

How can I clean SurePal™?

Clean the device with a dry, lint-free cloth. Do not use any liquids or cleaning agents.

What happens if my SurePal™ breaks?

If your SurePal™ breaks or isn’t working properly, see your doctor or nurse to get it replaced.

How do I dispose of SurePal™?

Please speak to your doctor or nurse for more information.